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Vital Information You Can Infer From A VHR

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Vehicle History reports (VHRs) contain vital information about a car's past. You have probably used such a report to find out whether a used car has serious damages from past collisions. However, this isn't the only thing you can learn from a VHR. Here are four more things you can learn, directly or indirectly, from a VHR:  

Odometer Roll Back

Check the mileage recorded on the odometer; it should be increasing with every service schedule of the car. If it doesn't, or if decreases, then it may mean that someone tampered with the odometer. Buying such a car is both costly and dangerous.

The more you drive a car, the more it is damaged. In fact, most car parts are designed to be used for certain mileages before they are replaced. If the odometer is rolled back, then you may think that all parts of your car are still sound while, in the real sense, they are overdue for replacements.

For example, most manufacturers advise motorists to replace their timing belts every 60,000 to 100,000 miles. Suppose a car owner doesn't replace the belt, but instead rolls back the odometer from 80,000 miles to 40,000 miles. If you buy such a car, then you are endangering your life (and other road users' lives) because you are driving with a timing belt that should be replaced.

Airbag Fraud

Fraudulent mechanics, hoping to cut corners, sometimes take their clients money to replace damaged airbags, but don't do the replacement. In fact, it's possible for the airbag slot to be empty without you knowing anything about it. There are also companies that sell fake airbags that will not protect you in the case of a crash.

How Does a VHR Help You with This?

Well, the report will show whether the car has been involved in an accident; it may even tell you if the airbag deployed, and whether it was repaired. Once you ascertain that a car's airbag has been repaired or replaced, get a mechanic to check the airbag to confirm that it is there, and the replacement was professionally done.

Comparison with Similar Cars

Some HVR providers provide extra features that you may not get elsewhere. For example, some of them provide tools that allow you to compare your potential purchase with similar cars in its class. This allows you to gauge whether you are getting value for your money or you may be better off looking for another (comparable) vehicle.

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