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Questions To Ask At Your Used Car Dealership

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If you've ever considered buying a car from a used car dealership, you may know that finding the right deal requires you to be as informed as possible before choosing your used car. A used car dealership should be able to answer these questions about your impending purchase to help you make a great decision. 

Can I See the Inspection Paperwork?

It's always a good idea to buy a used car that is certified; this means that it has gone through a mechanic's scrutiny and is guaranteed to run well. Many certified cars need to have parts replaced before they can meet this standard. By looking at the pre-certification, you can see which parts have been replaced recently; this will help you to see the condition of the car and know which parts are worn. 

How Does the Dealership Handle Problems?

If you have your vehicle pre-certified, this is a great safeguard against major auto problems. However, you may want to ask how your dealership handles major car fixes within the first six months of purchase. Ask about their turnaround times on car fixes, who they will refer you to in case they don't handle repairs themselves, and what the process is for making claims or returning a used car. 

How Far Can I Go on a Test Drive?

Many used car buyers make the mistake of assuming they can't go very far on a test drive. The longer you test the car, and the more terrain you cover, the more likely you are to uncover problems with the parts. Be sure to ask your dealership about the limits on test drive mileage and try to test the car for as long as possible. 

Are You Willing to Negotiate?

Used car prices are often negotiable, so make sure that you ask your dealer about the possibilities for getting discounts and perks. For instance, some dealers offer you a discount if you have the cash in hand to pay for the car. You might also be able to get some equipment as part of the deal, such as a set of back tires or a spare timing belt. 

Getting a great deal at your local used car dealership is a matter of taking your time and evaluating all aspects of your chosen vehicle. By using these questions to get more information about your options, you can help guarantee that you pick a high quality used car. For more information, visit or a similar website.