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The Advantages Of Buying A Certified Pre Owned Car

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When purchasing a used vehicle, you have the choice of buying a basic used car or a certified pre-owned car. While both of these types of cars have usually had previous owners, there are some differences between the two. Basic used cars that are purchased from a used car dealer may be sold "as is" with no guarantees of reliability. Used vehicles that have been certified have extra perks that may make them a more attractive purchase. These are some of the advantages of purchasing a certified pre-owned vehicle.


One of the best advantages that certified pre-owned cars have to offer is a warranty. Most basic used cars do not come with a warranty unless they are still under the factory warranty that was included when they were purchased new. However, a certified pre-owned automobile has a warranty that extends beyond the factory warranty.

An extended warranty is a very valuable asset to have when purchasing a used vehicle. Depending on the dealer you purchase it from and the make and model of the car, certified pre-owned cars commonly have additional warranty coverage for at least one year after they are purchased.


Certified pre-owned cars are often higher quality cars as well. They have usually had necessary repairs done to ensure they run and perform properly. These cars have also been inspected to make sure they meet certain requirements to guarantee they are safe to drive, Some used car dealers may offer this with vehicles that are not certified, however, others do not.

Roadside Assistance

Some certified pre-owned car dealers also offer roadside assistance with their vehicles. This may not be available with every certified pre-owned car or truck, but it is definitely beneficial if it is available.

Roadside assistance is very convenient should you run out of gasoline, have a flat tire or need help getting your car towed home. You may be required to pay the cost of having these services performed, but roadside assistance reimburses you for what you pay out of pocket.

Some certified pre-owned vehicles may also come directly from brand dealerships. These automobiles have not been owned by a private owner. Instead, they remained at brand name dealerships and were only test driven by potential buyers and the employees who worked at the dealerships on occasion. This can mean that the cars are in excellent condition and may also have lower mileage than basic used vehicles that are purchased "as is" from a used car sales business.

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