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3 Temporary Fixes You Can Do For Your Car

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There are some car problems that you can jury-rig fixes for. Those fixes will let you do something that will let your car run long enough to get to a mechanic so that it can get fixed. 

Eggs in the Radiator

It may sound a little odd, but putting eggs in your radiator can help you plug some leaks. The leaks can't be very big, or it really won't work. The way that cracking an egg and putting it in your radiator works is that the heat from the radiator will partially cook the eggs, particularly the egg whites, and then the eggs will end up pulled against the leaks, temporarily plugging them. It is not a permanent fix, but it should be enough to get you to an auto shop so that your car can get fixed. 

Black Pepper in the Radiator

Another thing that you can do to temporarily fix your radiator is to put some black pepper in it. You can add a whole shaker's worth of pepper to fix the leaks if you need to. The pepper will be pulled onto the inside parts of the hose, which will block any small, pinhole leaks in the hose. This is a very, very temporary fix. You should go straight to a mechanic so that you can get your radiator fixed. When they fix your radiator, they will also flush it completely to get rid of the pepper before they let you take it home. 

Pantyhose and Belts

If your car has belts, there is a chance that the belts may break. They can get old and crack. If something happens that causes the belt to break or to stretch out so much that it won't work, you can actually use a pair of pantyhose. Stretch the pantyhose around the path of the belt, and then tie a very strong know to hold the ends together. When it comes to the knot, you want one that is very strong, but you don't want it to be very big or to have a lot of loose material at the ends. A big knot may get caught in the hose's path, and the extra around the end will just be a problem. Again, this fix will work just long enough to get you somewhere that your car can get fixed. 

If you need to jury-rig some repairs just long enough to get your car to a repair shop, these are some tricks you can try. Try to get professional help from a service like Benchmark Motors INC as soon as possible.