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3 Awesomely Innovative Tech Features To Look For In Your Next New Car

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It is no big secret that the new century has brought with it some amazing technological advances that completely changed the way people do things, stay connected, and even work and play. However, as the years have gone by, there have even been changes that affect how people drive. The fact is, if you are shopping for a new car, there are some pretty amazing innovative tech features you are going to want to explore to determine if they will work for you. Here is a quick look at a few new tech-savvy features to look for while you are shopping for your next new ride. 

Get a clear view of what's behind you at a glance. 

Normal cars give you a view of what's behind your vehicle in the rearview and side mirrors, but these views are always limited, leaving you with blind spots. With rearview monitors, you get an up-close view of the full rear area of your car without having to turn around at all and always getting a view of what would normally be blind spots. These rearview monitors are often integrated in with the rearview mirror, but can also be shown on your dash panel or radio screen. 

Stay safe with emergency forward braking. 

One of the biggest causes of collisions is being distracted as a driver. All it takes is a split-second absence of your undivided attention, and a car can stop suddenly in front of you, or there could be an obstacle in the way. With emergency forward braking, the car uses sensor technology to detect when something is in the way and you are in danger of hitting it, which triggers an alert inside the vehicle and an automatic braking reaction to prevent a collision. 

Enjoy an entourage of assistance with the touch of a button. 

Many of the most modern vehicles work to include an incredible array of features hosted by specific platforms. For example, the new Nissan Altima uses NissanConnect services to offer you things like remote start with the touch of a button when your smartphone is connected, onboard alert systems to contact authorities without your input when there has been a collision, and an array of other useful options. Having an onboard system like this makes it feel like you are driving with a host of helpful people to help you when you need it.

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