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Auto Dealership Add-Ons To Get A Better Deal On Your New Vehicle

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The price isn't the only thing negotiable when you are buying a new car or truck from a dealership. If you have been heavily negotiating and have come to an impasse and the price is still higher than you want to pay for your next vehicle, then consider asking for these additional items either for free or a greatly reduced price:

Dealership Add-On: An Extended Warranty

Though your new vehicle will come with a standard manufacturer's warranty, you can always negotiate the addition of an extended warranty. Many dealerships sell extended warranties to their customers, so you can ask for this as a free add-on to sweeten your new car deal.

Dealership Add-On: Free Window Tinting

If window tinting is legal in your state and you have always wanted a vehicle with tinted windows, then try and negotiate this into your sales package. If the dealership has their own body shop on site, this can be easily done and won't cost them nearly as much as it will cost you to have done at a later date by another body shop.

Dealership Add-On: Free Carpet Mats to Match Your Car's Interior

If your car's carpet tends to get dirty or if you often haul around kids or pets, ask for free carpet mats that match your car's interior. While you can always buy a set at your local big box store, the mats from the dealership will match your car's carpet more closely and will probably be better quality.

Dealership Add-On: Free Undercoating 

If you have ever purchased a new car before, then you know they always try to get you to pay extra to have it undercoated. Undercoating protects your car's frame from rust and is a valuable thing to have done. However, it's typically way overpriced at the dealership and simple for them to do, so try to to get it done for free. 

Dealership Add-On: Free Wash and Wax 

If the vehicle you are purchasing has been sitting on the lot and you noticed it needed a good washing and waxing, then negotiate this into the deal. The dealership employs people to keep the cars clean so this is a very low-cost item to them yet will cost you more if you have to do it yourself at the local detailing shop or car wash.

Dealership Add-On: A Full Tank of Gasoline

Finally, make sure you ask the salesperson if the car's gas tank will be full of gasoline when you drive it off of the lot. While this may only save you $50-$100, it's free money if they agree to top off the tank for you!