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The 4 "Cs" To Protecting Your New Dump Trailer From Damage After Purchase

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Dump trailers are one of the most valuable pieces of equipment you can own if you are constantly hauling aggregate, dirt, or a variety of other loose materials. After you have made a substantial investment in a new dump trailer, you will no doubt want to keep the trailer as functional as possible for the long term. While dump trailers are bound to go through a lot while in use, you can do some things to protect your investment. Take a look at the three C's of protecting your new dump trailer from damage after purchase. 

Consider adding a dump truck bed liner. 

Bed liners are not only for pickup trucks; you can also have a bed liner added to a larger bed of a dump railer just the same. If you have something like a lightweight aluminum bed or a bed made from lightweight steel, everyday use will lead to a lot of scuffs and dings. Installing a bed liner will give the trailer an added layer of finish protection, which may keep the trailer from developing points of wear as time goes on. 

Clean your dump trailer after certain types of hauls. 

Not every type of material you haul will be potentially damaging if left to settle on the bed of your trailer, but some could be. For example, foundry sand made with metal particulate could lead to corrosion and spots of surface rust. If you are hauling materials that could cause corrosion, cleaning the bed of your dump trailer is a good idea. 

Check your hydraulic system frequently for signs of problems. 

The hydraulic system is the most important component of your dump trailer. Therefore, keeping close tabs on the unit is always important. Follow maintenance schedules carefully, make sure you visually examine the pump cylinder for signs of problems, and tend to any small issues as quickly as possible. 

Close up the trailer when not in use for long periods. 

Closing up the trailer with a heavy tarp to protect it from the elements can do a lot to protect your investment over the years. If your dump trailer will be out of service during certain seasons, go ahead and cover the trailer with a tarp before parking or storing it. Doing so will protect the material of the trailer, but it will also protect the working components like the hydraulic lift from unnecessary exposure to the elements.