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Buying The Right Trailer To Haul The Equipment You Need Safely Between Jobs

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Skid steer loaders are useful, compact machines that can be great on a job site or landscaping project, but you may need to consider purchasing a skid loader trailer to get the loader to the site. There are many different styles and configurations to choose from, but ensuring your new trailer can manage the weight of the loader along with any other equipment you want to put in it is an essential part of the buying process. 

Trailer Styles

Skid loader trailer designs allow easy loading of equipment on and off the trailer. Several style trailers offer options to help facilitate the loading process, including loading ramps at the rear of the trailer or a deck that can tilt so the machine can be loaded directly onto the trailer. 

The trailer may have a deck that sits over the axles or wider axles that allow the deck to be positioned closer to the ground, in a low-boy position. The trailers are also available in different lengths, allowing you to haul a skid loader along with materials and other equipment on the trailer with the loader. 

There are dump-style skid loader trailers available with high sides, flatbeds with no sides, and some trailers that fall in between with sides on them that are short and allow better access to the trailer from the sides. With all the choices available, the best way to get the right skid loader trailer for your needs is to visit a dealer and look at the options. 

Hitch Styles

Choosing the right hitch system for your skid loader trailer can depend on the amount of weight you are hauling and the hitch system on your vehicle. If you are going to put a lot of weight on the trailer, you may want to consider a trailer with a gooseneck hitch system that puts more of the tongue weight over the truck's rear axle and allows more stable towing. 

There are also skid loader trailers that come with pintle hitch connections that work well if you are towing the trailer behind a dump truck or other vehicle that does not allow for the use of a gooseneck hitch. If you are not sure what the advantages of each hitch system are, discuss the options with the trailer dealer, and they can show you why one trailer hitch system may work better for your needs and help you select the right system.

Many trailer dealers also install towing and hitch systems, allowing you to select the skid loader trailer that is right for you and having a trailer hitch put on your truck that will work perfectly with your new skid loader trailer. 

For more information on skid loader trailers, contact a professional near you.