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Is A Flatbed Auto Trailer Good For Your Shop?

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If you recently started a small auto repair company in or near your home, you may need to purchase an auto trailer for your business. Auto trailers allow you to safely transport inoperable vehicles to your shop throughout the day, including flatbed auto trailers. Learn more about flatbed auto trailers and how to purchase the trailer your business needs below.

What Are Flatbed Auto Trailers?

Auto trailers are some of the most popular types of car haulers used for work today. The trailers make it easy to pick up and transport all types of cars today, including inoperable or broken vehicles. Several types of auto trailers exist today, including flatbed auto trailers. 

Flatbed auto trailers are generally small and compact but can transport multiple cars when needed. Flatbeds are railless, which means they don't come with side rails or other enclosures. Companies that need to move vehicles quickly often choose flatbed trailers as their hauler of choice.

Additionally, flatbed auto trailers come with wide axles that prevent excessive wear and tear in the vehicles you need to haul. Axles allow you to distribute the weight of a vehicle without placing undue stress on it during transport. 

If you think a flatbed trailer (or trailers) will benefit your small repair shop, buy your equipment today.

Where Do You Find a Flatbed Trailer?

You can purchase your auto trailer from a number of sources, including an auto dealer. Many auto dealers advertise their trailers online for convenience. You want to contact a dealer directly and inspect their collection of flatbed trailers. You may be able to test out the trailers before you make your final purchase.

Also, ask a dealer if they offer flatbed trailers online. Many auto trailer suppliers keep large inventories of trailers in other locations around the United States. You may be able to purchase and ship your trailer directly to your small shop. Companies generally provide shipping calculators on their websites. The calculators help you determine the cost of shipping your trailer and when.

If you simply can't choose a flatbed trailer that works best for your small business, ask a dealer about other types of trailers they may offer. Trailers, such as covered tow dollies, may be options you can use to transport cars. A dealer can go over the specifications and uses of their trailers when you contact them. 

Learn more about flatbed auto trailers by contacting an auto trailer dealer, such as Dutchman Enterprises.