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Auto Dealership Add-Ons To Get A Better Deal On Your New Vehicle

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The price isn’t the only thing negotiable when you are buying a new car or truck from a dealership. If you have been heavily negotiating and have come to an impasse and the price is still higher than you want to pay for your next vehicle, then consider asking for these additional items either for free or a greatly reduced price: Dealership Add-On: An Extended Warranty Though your new vehicle will come with a standard manufacturer’s warranty, you can always negotiate the addition of an extended warranty. Read More»

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Used Car

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If you’re in the market for a reliable yet budget-friendly vehicle, buying used may be the way to go. Of course, one of the biggest risks you take when you buy a used car is that you simply don’t know how well a vehicle was cared for by its previous owner(s). Fortunately, by avoiding a few common mistakes during the car buying process, you can end up with zero regrets and a reliable used car that lasts you many years and miles to come! Read More»

5 Reasons To Buy A Used Car Instead Of New

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When it comes to buying a car newer isn’t always better. Although some people love the luxurious appeal of a brand new vehicle, there are many tangible benefits to purchasing a used car rather a new car.  Lower Price The best benefit of buying a used car over a new car is that you won’t be paying new car prices. A three-year-old used car will cost thousands of dollars less than the same car that is brand new. Read More»

Reasons Why Leasing A Luxury Vehicle Could Be Worth It

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Many people dismiss the idea of leasing a car because they think that buying is better. After months of payments, when you buy you get to keep the car. With a lease, you never own the vehicle, but in some cases, that can be a plus. Here are some reasons why leasing a luxury vehicle could be worth it for some lifestyles and budgets.  1. You get more car for your monthly budget. Read More»